Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day Three

Okay, we could do a much better job of updating this here deal, and we will attempt to do so.

When we left Boise, we headed east on I-84, and made a stop at Shoshone Falls near Twin Falls, ID.

There have been a few things we wondered about in anticipation of this trip. Things like, how will the kids handle the thousands of miles of driving? Will they get along? Will they miss their friends? Will they be poorly affected by the change of lifestyle? Will we grow as a family?

Well, the kids are handling the 6-8 hour driving days quite well. They are getting along about the same as any other 6 and 3 year old siblings. Which, at times makes us wonder if WE will be able to handle the whole trip! They definitely miss their friends! Sometimes when A & A have a conflict, Abigail talks of how a similar (or not at all similar) situation plays out between her and Blythe. Andrew gets very frustrated with this and says, "that has nothing to do with... !" It is loads of fun! I think the kids have been affected by the loss of structure in their lives. Traveling every day, a different schedule every day, a different bed of sleeping place every day, and so on have affected them. We have worked on adding some kinds of structure to our days, but that is nearly impossible with our itinerary!

So, we continued on from Shoshone Falls all the way to Teton National Park, arriving at about dusk. The kids were ready to stretch their legs and were excited to see Jackson Lake.

This was our first National Park, and its beauty was well worth the drive!

The kids were definitely ready to explore the park the next day! Actually, Andrew was just concerned about building a fire. This is precisely what he was commenting on when this picture was snapped.

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rachel said...

I am SO appreciating your guilty conscience leading you to letting us in on your escapades!

Tell A & A that they are also missed. :)
Blythe and Cade have been fighting like they are trapped in a car together for 6 hours a day.
Two weeks til school starts!

Also it looks like you are really enjoying your new camera. I LOVE that sky pic.

Thanks again for the update.
It's boring and rainy here.