Friday, August 24, 2007

Day Twelve

What, no day eleven? Well, that could happen, but the truth is that we drove all day, and there was not really anything noteworthy. We drove from the Twin Cities area to the Chicago area.

So, day twelve. Chicago.

We went to the Planetarium, aquarium, Navy Pier, a sightseeing cruise, and to the top of the John Hancock building.

We got a little artistic here. The planetarium was the best of the 3 I have been to in my life.

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is pretty cool. By far, the best I have ever been to. They even had a Komodo Dragon, which happens to be Andrew's favorite reptile.

Sweet dolphin show too! A little bit about entertainment, and a lot about education.

The 'cruise' was marginally worth while.

Quite possibly, the most redeeming quality of the 'cruise' was the tip we got to not waste our time with the Sears Tower, and go instead to the John Hancock Center. It was a very impressive view.

That said, Abigail was not impressed. She actually fell asleep on my shoulders as we walked to the Hancock.

After the Hancock, we walked back to Navy Pier, had dinner, snapped this photo (with the Hancock in the background), then went back to our hotel.

It was a very busy day in Chicago.

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Jenn Sanders said...

So many great adventures! Great pictures. Thanks for being so diligent about filling us in on your vacation. Miss you guys!