Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day Ten

We should have known that once the kids saw the amusement park in MOA, that they would be fixated on that and that alone. So, our day at the MOA centered around the amusement park.

You might be able to make out Brenda's hair higlighted by the sun in this one.

Some of the Lego creations in 'Lego Land' are truly impressive in both size and complexity.

The real highlight of the visit was Underwater Adventures. It was really cool to walk through these passageways UNDER the aquarium. There were a couple hundred feet of these glass (or lexan) tunnels.

I know Andrew loved it!

Beauty is sometimes found in the simplest of things.

What are you smiling about?

Abigail recognized this as Nemo.

The 'touch' pool was pretty cool! Both of the kids touched stingrays and sharks.

Andrew was not excited about going on the 'baby' rides with his sister, but he did a good job of riding with her.

Andrew liked the 'thrill' rides. So did daddy.

We ended our day at the MOA at 'Famous Dave's' barbeque. It was good!

And, of course, no day would be complete without a swim at the hotel pool!

By the way, both of the kids are getting to be really good swimmers!


Unknown said...

It's cool to see that you guys are packing in so many activities on your trip!

Laura Anne said...

AWWW! MOA reminds me of my home state. I've seen those places too. I'm glad you're having so much fun, but hurry home, we miss you! :)

Laura Anne said...
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Linger said...

This trip looks like Mega-Fun!



... ... Sorry I couldn't help it. These pics are friggin' great!

Go Ketahs!