Monday, August 20, 2007

Day Four

We camped at the Colter Bay campground in TNP. Our campsite was just about 100 yards from Jackson Lake. We got there late in the day, so the tent sites were all full. We got into a space in the RV area, and that worked just fine, we stayed there for two nights. During our full day at Jackson Lake, we went for a hike, and hung out at the beach. Along with those, we did all the things you do camping (which will be implied from here forward). Things like building fires, roasting marshmallows, making s'mores, burning stuff, sitting around the campfire, swatting at bugs, watching dvds, you know, all that stuff!

It was really stinkin' hot this day! We set out on a hike, and the kids didn't take long to begin complaining about the heat. What they really wanted to do was go swimming. We made the most of our opportunity to hike, but only got about 1.5 miles in. Either way, it was really cool that we got to see a doe and two fawns. These actually passed in front of Brenda and the kids on the trail just feet away.

We didn't take any swimming pictures. I guess this happened because we all went swimming! Suffice it to say that the lake was really nice with a water temperature somewhere in the 60's.


rachel said...

I have to confess i am really really coveting your camera.

Your pictures are AMAZING!

i hope you guys use some to hang on your walls when you get home. or hmm.... frame for say an auction in october?

Ashby said...

(I didn't even ask her to say that. She is just suitably trained.)