Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day Two

As planned, we are not driving today. I planned this trip to only drive around 6 hours on the days we drive, and to have a day off after a driving day.

So, we are in the Boise, ID area. Brenda and I felt the need to satisfy some nostalgic hunger, so we drove around and passed by our first apartment as a married couple (along with all the subsequent housing we had), and the first house we bought.

As we have hoped to do on this trip, we balanced the 'adult' interest activities with a 'kid' activity by going to a water park. This was the first time that either of the kids have been to a water park, and they had a lot of fun.

After being there for about 3 hours, a really violent storm blew in, and the park was closed. They were giving out passes to everyone to return on another day free of charge. I explained to the customer service person that we would not be able to return as we are 'out of towners'. So, we got a full refund! Cool! We rode nearly every slide in the park for free!

The kids really loved the wave pool!

Abigail thoroughly enjoyed the 'kiddie area'.

Tomorrow, we drive to Teton National Park.


Ashby said...

I can't decide which I am most excited about: to hear from you guys, to see pictures of your family, or that Rachel is going to quit whining about you not updating.

Miss you all! Hi to Abba-Dabba and An'rew!

rachel said...

Oh whatever, ASHBY.
I complained one more time than you.

And for the record, i realize you,being the Ketah's, are on vacation, but you got my hopes all up on traveling all vicariously through your adventures, and every day i go and there are no updates it's all i can do not to bawl hysterically over the disappointment and scar the children.
So i'm sure you understand the priority of this issue to me.

Wesly Smith said...

Ah sweet! I went to that water park once as a kid.

Unknown said...

I have wanted to go to a waterpark for a couple years now.

No fair.