Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day Five

The two times we have been to TNP, we have felt that it was too soon to leave when that time came. This was no exception! It is just such a beautiful place! I appreciate it even more now as I sit writing this in a place that is not so naturally beautiful!

Goodbye Tetons and Jackson Lake!

Somewhere between TNP and Yellowstone, we began seeing Bison, hundreds of them! We even got to witness a fight between two huge bulls! What a sight to see, these guys are immense and muscular!

We continued through YNP toward the NE entrance, and on the way made a stop at Tower Falls.

Maybe at some point in your driving life, you may have in frustration asked, "does this guy think he owns the road?" Trust me, if one of these guys is in the road, the answer to that question is an emphatic "yes"!

The photos for the day end with a few shots of Wyoming's Big Horn mountains, because after you get out of them, it gets a little desolate and plain.

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