Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day Seven

We started off our first full day in SW South Dakota at the Mammoth Site. It was very interesting and fascinating to see the numerous specimens they have unearthed there.

Andrew even got in on the action carrying around a Columbia Mammoth mandible for all to see. Okay, it was a cast reproduction, but still heavy enough to be a challenge for him!

This is a real mammoth skull in an authentic dig!

One of the scary things they have unearthed there is the remains of the giant short faced bear. Imagining this creature is a truly frightening thing. Andrew dramatizes it well in this photo!

On our way to the next stop, we saw this cute little family.

That next stop was Wind Cave National Park. It was really cool (Literally! While the surface temperature was in the middle 90's, the caves were in the middle 60's) to go underground and see these geological formations.

This was Andrew's favorite formation: "Dog Tooth Spar".

Next, we went on a nice scenic drive on our way to Mount Rushmore. Did I mention that there were bikers in the area?

Mount Rushmore is very cool!

Did I mention that there were bikers in the area?

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