Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day Eight

Today, we head out of SW South Dakota. On our way out, we went back to the Crazy Horse Memorial and walked through the visitor's center and all of its exhibits. This is a phenomenal memorial, and I hope to see it when it is finished.

Next, we stopped at a place called "Bear Country", where they have a drive through animal park, and a walk through area that includes young animals. This is a baby cougar playing.

This little fella is begging for Cheerios that park workers were dispensing to guests to feed the cubs.

Fun times!

Next, we visited "Reptile Gardens". This place has a great collection of all types of reptiles, including an impressive group of crocodilians.

They had a few of these giant tortoises running around.

Continuing on, we drove through the beautiful Badlands.

It was a long day.


Angie said...

More pictures! Thanks for taking us to all these places we may never go.

Laura Anne said...

Love the badlands! I keep telling Chris we need to stop there on a trip back to MN/ND someday! He's not convinced...hopefully these pics will help him understand why. :)