Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Great? Well, Maybe.

So, we were sad to leave the Outer Banks and had so much fun there. Next on our itinerary was to visit Great Smoky Mountains NP. This is it. Surely this would be hard for people in the eastern US to accept, but the Great Smoky Mountains are underwhelming. Yes, there are beautiful scenes like the one above, and we certainly appreciated them, but we are from the west. These are what we call "hills". Honestly, the most memorable thing about our visit was a meal we ate. We were camping the night we spent at the park, and stopped at a small country store to get groceries. For some goofy reason, I thought chili-mac hamburger helper would be a good meal. NOPE! It was terrible, and that is what most of us remember about our visit to Great Smoky Mountains NP.

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