Wednesday, September 5, 2007

DC part 5

We went to the National Zoo. It was a really good zoo. The cool thing about Washington DC is that all of the museums and the zoo are FREE! Each of these attractions are also better than the ones you pay for anywhere else in the country.

The kids loved watching the otters! They seem so happy and carefree! There are several of them in the enclosure, and they seem to enjoy one another's company. Groups of people might learn something about interaction from watching otters.

This was the vicious, man-eating Panda.

I think this one actually would eat a person if given the opportunity.

Look daddy, a flutterby!

Andrew loved the reptiles and amphibians.

Abigail is going to make a suit of armor out of animal parts and use this pelvis as her mask!

That little kid looks tasty!

Andrew has become a fan of staged photos!

Anything Andrew does, Abigail must do!

When a Tiger looks at you, you know it would kill you. They just have a piercing stare that says, "you are lucky I can't get to you!"

When Andrew gets angry or frustrated, he skowls with his eyebrows, purses his lips, and folds his arms. When we saw this photo, we recognized it as a near ringer for 'angry Andrew'. Brenda came up with the name "An-grilla".

We thoroughly enjoyed DC, and will go back some time!


Angie said...

Free!?! Such a good price! Seems as if you will all be home sometime real soon.

Brian said...

Great photos Dave. I am glad you are having a good time. See you in a couple weeks.

Paulos said...

I like the panda