Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Blog!

I should have started this one a long time ago!

I and my family go on a fair amount of adventures, and they really ought to be chronicled somewhere. Why not a blog?

Well, alrighty then, we will do that!

We are about to embark on an epic adventure (at least in the realm of family vacations). In approximately 2 hours, I will be off of work for 74 days! Yes, my sabbatical has come! I have 10 weeks off of work! Woohoo!

We will be traveling to Alaska to our hometown of Ketchikan over the next two weeks. After that, we will come back to PDX for 3 days, then leaving on a tour O' America that will cover nearly 8000 miles on the road!

I'm hoping to do a good job of capturing the stuff we do! I have a laptop, and a sweet digital SLR camera, an awesome team (Brenda, Andrew, and Abigail), and no hesitance on spending whatever is necessary to do it right!

Check it regulary, I'm going to try to have something up as often as possible!


Wesly Smith said...


Paulos said...

30 min countdown!

Angie said...

I'm so excited that you will be sharing your travels with us!

Jenn Sanders said...

Have a great time friends! You will be missed dearly here in P-town!

Look forward for updates and your safe return!