Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One Week

Here is a view of the harbor where my family kept their boats. My grandpa was a commercial fisherman. Working with him was the first job I had. I went to work with him when I was 11 for 2 weeks, then at 12 and 13, I worked all summer. He retired after that, but probably could have gone for a while longer. A normal work day lasted up to 16 hours!

My people are really artistically talented. I guess I shouldn't assume that anyone knows what that means. My dad is an Alaskan Native of the Tlingit tribe, feel free to become educated here, here, and here.

An interesting fact that I have not had opportunity to share with many is the origin of my name, Ketah. The name is an anglicized (the white man just could not leave it alone!) version of the Tlingit word for killer whale, 'Keet'.

We have had a great time so far. I can't believe that we have already been here a week! Brenda and the kids have had lots of fun, as have I. We have visited nearly everybody we have intended to. It has been great to catch up with old friends and family. We are going to go fishing later this week, and today we will either go out on a boat ride, or to the 'Totem Heritage Center'.

I made some reservations yesterday for places we will be on our road trip. I found out that we will be in South Dakota during the big biker rally in Sturgis. It looks like there will be over a half-million bikers in the area at that time!


Unknown said...

One time in college my friends and I went on a road trip to Redding to visit In and Out Burger, and when we arrived there was a big biker convention. It was pretty fun.

rachel said...

Would you beleve that they have wireless web access here at Clydehurst?!
Those pictures are AMAZING and we can't wait to see them all.
Clydehurst is incredible, as usual. Blythe is all about the kitties. Ella LOVES the horses, she cries every time they take her off of one as well as pointing toward them and whining every time she sees the corral. Cade just had a blast shooting a 22 with dad and Sierra is enjoying being old enough to ride by herself on the youth ride and just hanging out with her friends and cousins.
We soo wish you guys were here. Next time for sure.
Thanks for continuing to update us on your adventures.

Linger said...

I'm very happy for your family that you can revisit your roots and share them with Andrew and Abigail.

Have fun with the Harley crowd!